Saturday, June 25, 2005


So today was my birthday (well technically yesterday, but who really cares about that?). It was a good one. I'm not saying there's anything bad about having your birthday on a mission trip, which was where I spent my last two (if you consider LAUP a mission trip, as I do). In those situations, God always seems to surprise you and when you least expect it, does something to show you He loves you and you're not alone when you're feeling particularly alone. This year, God showed me how incredibly loved I am. I am for the first time around my friends from school, and for the first time in the same area as Brian on my birthday. I had to work, but I was amazingly productive and met a deadline that I thought was impossible. My co-workers were really great to me today, and quite a few wished me a happy birthday. Also many thanks to all those who emailed, called or sent me e-cards. I felt really special hearing from you, and am so thankful to have such wonderful friends. You all brought a big smile to my face. Then I got one of the sweetest cards ever from my wonderful boyfriend and got to spend the evening with him in one of my favorite places. It was awesome, and I'm feeling really content (although extremely exhausted). I'm about to get to bed, but wanted to share my happiness. Thanks again everyone. It was indeed a wonderful day.

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D-double-J Boye said...

birthday awesomeness! yay!