Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Camera :)

So we got the new camera. Even though we've been debating about it for a while, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing to actually order it. We decided to go with the Canon Rebel xTi, the least expensive of the 3 cameras we were debating on. I really wanted to get the full frame 5D, but realized that buying that with a decent lens was going to run us more than 4 times what we ended up paying for the xTi. I figure, when we eventually invest in a nice lens later on, we'll get one that is compatible with the full frame cameras and will be able to upgrade if I feel like it's necessary.

We had the camera on our recent trip to visit Brian's family. I must have bugged the heck out of them, sticking a camera in their face for a lot of the time we were there.

So far, I love it! There are things that bother me a little, like the fact that you can't see a preview of the picture on the LCD before you take it, so you can't tell how tweaking the white balance, shutter speeds, and ISO settings are going to effect the picture untill after you take it. This makes it take longer to get a good shot.

It is leagues above our previous camera though, so I am pretty happy. Check out some of the pictures I took on the flickr site:


I would post a bunch of them up here, but I don't want to have to resize them and go through the hassle of uploading them again. :) I'm terrible, I know.

I really want more practice with taking portraits, so if anyone would like to volunteer their time to sit for me, let me know. I will be very appreciative.