Thursday, January 17, 2008

Anne Shirley

I love reading about Anne. I just started reading about Anne of Green Gables last year and now I'm on my 4th book, "Anne's House of Dreams", having quickly read through Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island in less than a month. (I have also discovered that all of these books are in the public domain now, so I don't even need to go to the library to get them). Anyway, most girls have read through these books in elementary school, but not me. I guess I must of just missed them. I'm really glad though that I haven't discovered Anne until now, because as a child, I don't think I could have appreciated it as much.

Reading about Anne gives me comfort and, I think, a new way of seeing the world. It helps me feel not so bad that I haven't completely grown up yet. To me, the books are full of little "life lessons", shown through letting us into the everyday and not so everyday glimpses of Anne's life. She may be a little over-dramatic and over-romantic at times, but reading these books makes me feel all warm inside -- and glad to be alive watching the sunset outside my window.

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