Tuesday, January 18, 2005


All I have to say that you do not want to build anything in the City of Irvine. No matter how badly you might want to, you should move the project to another city. Actually though, if you really want to, I know the building inspectors there very personally. Also, does anyone know how to push/pull out dents in a car?


Anonymous said...

I know how; but as usual, there is a big difference between knowing how to do something and being able to do it. :-) If it's a big enough dent, it should probably be left to professionals anyhow...

Wanting to help and also wanting to dance,

Anonymous said...

maybe you can try using a plunger to pull it out. i actually don't think that a plunger will seal well on car metal, but i haven't tried it, so i don't know for sure. maybe you can try to find a hand held plunger like thingie that will form a good enough vacuum against the car metal that will hold up against enough force to pull out the dent. im sure car parts/repair stores would have something like that in stock and don't imagine it would be too expensive..... but i guess this suggestion comes a little too late.