Friday, September 17, 2004


Man, today was the climax of my bad week. I got the most horrible cramps at work today. So bad the pain made me lightheaded and weak and I dropped a cup of hot water on the floor while a co-worker was talking to me. I wanted to die. Anyway, they made me go home cuz I was so out of it. I was really thankful, but then because of an accident on the freeway, I was stuck in LA traffic going less than 5 mph for an hour and a half. I was crying and swearing for most of it, and it sucked. Sigh, eventually I got back to Sharon's, and proceeded to pass out for 2 hours. I'm feeling a little better now. At least this explains why the rest of my week has been so bad, why I've been so tired/frustrated the last few days, and should also mean that the next few weeks should be nice.

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