Thursday, August 12, 2004

Adam a.k.a. "White Lightning"

Today was Adam's last day, and it's a good thing that we had a good talk last night about it being time to leave and saying goodbye and all that because this goodbye stung.

I guess the first thing to say about Adam is that he's a really caring, considerate guy. Adam was the first to respond to me when I first emailed the whole group of interns a couple months before coming here. When I had said that I had never been to Colorado before and I was worried about the weather, he assured me that I'd think it was beautiful, and I'd be okay. He also said he'd be praying for me. Even though I didn't know anything about Colorado or anyone here, I felt better about coming here knowing that Adam would be here. Then Adam was put on my project trip team. Last night he asked me if I thought there was a reason that we were placed on the teams that we went with. He was asking himself, "why Ho-Jun and Michelle?" I don't quite have an answer for you there Adam. But I can think of a lot of reasons though why God put Adam and Ho-Jun in my life and gave me that opportunity to get to know them better. Adam is also the kind of guy that when he drops you off at night, waits till you get into the house before he leaves. Me and Jenni were talking about that and we think it's awesome! This one night, Adam was dropping me off. The outside light wasn't on and I couldn't find the keyhole, so it took me like almost 5 minutes to get into the house. Adam waited, and he yelled to me to see if I was okay. Wow.

Adam's a really outdoorsy guy ;) (don't worry Adam, I'm not calling you cute). He loves backpacking (even in freezing cold weather), fly-fishing, hmm, pretty much everything outdoorsy. He has his own $100 water filter to filter water from streams when he's backpacking. He's a really good guy to have around if you're going camping, because it seems like he always knows what to do.

Another thing that I love about Adam is that he's up for anything. There are too many instances of this to really describe how it's true. Dancing, singing, dressing up, games, eating different foods. He's such a great sport. He danced with me a lot this summer too, and dancing with Adam is always a blast. He's got the waltz down and is catching on to Lindy. He also has this way of singing, where it's like he's not quite in the right key or melody, but it still sounds like the song. It's impossible to sing along with him though ;).

Adam's also very silly. He says the randomest things and tells the cornyest jokes. His expressions are often very exaggerated and it seems like he's always full of energy. The best way I think that I can describe his personality is when I say to someone "take it easy", I would mean "act like Adam". He's hilarious (I probably say that about everyone, but I really think that Adam's hilarious).
Adam has an incredible faith. I'm really inspired by it. It always seems like Adam has no worries, but it's because he trusts God with his life, with everything that is happening and will happen to him. Adam loves seeking after God, and intentionally makes time to listen, pray, and reflect. He can just sit for hours journaling about the things that God is doing in his life and the things he's experiencing. I am surprised because he's so silly that I wouldn't think that he would ponder things so deeply, but sometimes he'll just ask a really deep question and catch everyone off guard. He's the type of person that fills his life with things that remind him of God. Oftentimes when someone fills their lives with things that remind them of God, everything starts reminding them of God. That's what I see in Adam. He just lets everything take him back to God.

Oh, and he gave himself the nickname "White Lightning" while playing ping pong with me. Adam, you're great. Remember that we need to plan our intern reunion!

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