Monday, August 09, 2004

Jenni a.k.a. "I'm amazing!"

Wow, I don't know how to write about Jenni. I have called her Sista the whole summer, and I totally feel like that's what she's been to me. While we were praying Ho-Jun and Jenni out this morning, I realized that Jenni has been God's grace to me this summer. God knew I needed a roommate, and He knew I needed someone to encourage me and get me excited about things. I have to admit, in the beginning I was a little annoyed at how excited she was about EVERYTHING, but now, I'm pretty excited too :).

It's a little tough that she's leaving, but I know that we'll see each other again, maybe as soon as september at Ivan's harvest party :). Anyway, before I describe her anymore, here are some pictures of Jenni. There aren't too many pictures of just Jenni because she takes most of them. On the other hand, there are about 5 million pictures of me and Jenni together, so I'll put a couple of those in.

What is she doing?
aren't we cute?
Jenni piggy-backing me
eating candy off our candy necklaces (that's my desk in the background)

So Jenni . . . I have to say that she would not normally be someone that I would get along with very well. I don't know if I have told you any of this Jenni, but yeah, I usually have problems with people like you (outgoing and very confident), but I've had AMAZING times of fellowship with Jenni this summer. I loved the times that we stayed up late talking even when we would be sooooo tired at work the next day, and I wouldn't have been able to survive without her physical affection ;). She would also make me melt when she called me babe. She knows how to make you laugh. Her laughter is really contagious. When she laughs at the office, everyone knows, and it's great. Man, things are going to be waaaaaay too quiet without Jenni at the office. It was great when I would go run an errand or something, come back to my desk and Jenni is sitting in my chair looking at pictures on my computer. It's amazing how much work we get done here :). Also, sometimes I pick up on things that people tend to say often. One day I was repeating to Jenni the phrases that I hear her saying often, "I'm amazing!" being the big one. She then replied, "if someone didn't know me very well, they could mistake me for the most conceited person on the planet." There is no need to say anymore about that . . . :) There are serious things to say about Jenni too, even though the non-serious things about her were one of the greatest blessings (for everyone that knows me, you know how serious I can be at times, I think I needed some non-serious stuff this summer).

This girl loves God. It's inspiring how much she loves God. She thinks very deeply about the Bible and is really good at recognizing God's faithfulness. She has troubles, but in the midst of those she is good at never despairing. We had some great talks about life and love. One of the moments I will never forget was when we decided to pray together. We were both feeling a little uncertain about things in our lives, so this one night we just decided to pray, and we prayed for like 45 minutes. It was awesome.

I'm gonna share some other random Jenni facts. Jenni is from Illinois and is half Korean, half white. In her testimony, she talked about most of the blessings in her life coming from her mother's faithfulness in prayer, how her mother, being a single parent, would have to work really hard to support her family, but would still get up really really early in the morning to pray for her children. Jenni's mom sounds awesome, I'd like to meet her someday. Jenni is a person that always has to be doing something. It's kinda cool to live with her because it seems like I'm never bored. As soon as there's nothing to do, she tells me to call someone up and see what they're up to (I'd always call because even though she's really social, she doesn't know how to use a phone). Jenni also loves Korean culture. She is constantly asking Ho-Jun what everything means in Korean. She wants to go to Korea, and learn Korean and do everything Korean. I guess that's the best way to describe it.

Jenni left on friday and I was going to post something about her not calling me to tell me that she reached safely, but she just called :). Yay! I miss you Jenni! Hopefully I'll see you again soon.

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jon said...

that's really beautiful. Now I'm sad I didn't get to meet her too.