Wednesday, August 25, 2004

life in so-cal

Sigh, so I'm back in southern california . . . yipee. I mean I'm not that sad about it, there are great things about being here: you can get almost every kind of food you'd want to eat (including hawaiian), there's great diversity (it's awesome to see such a mix of people), it's close to the ocean (although the beaches kinda suck), you're 45 minutes from pretty much anything, and lots of my friends are here. Okay, so it's sounding better. I also get to go swing dancing at a real swing club on thursday night. Hooray!!! Okay, I think I cheered myself up about being here even after driving through the LA smog and traffic.

Okay, on to other news, I need a name for my car. I came to the conclusion that it's too cute to have a boy's name, so that limits the options, but if you have any suggestions, you can comment or you can email me at

Oh, I'm really proud of myself. The other night, I really wanted to put links in my blog, so what I did was looked at the html code that makes up my template and found where those other sidebar things are and added some code that made me a little Links section. Hey Brian, aren't you proud of me too? :) I still have to figure out how to make line breaks so I can put other links in it.

Started a job today. That whole thing is a little more complicated so I'm not going to write too much about that here. The people there are really nice though, and the first day was a good experience overall.

I guess that's some kind of update. Please help me out with some car name suggestions! :)


Deb said...

Blogger "help" has the HTML you are looking for. I did the same thing, and I've only been doing this a few days. Easy. I'd copy it here, but it won't post.

About the car name: Sandy (beachy sounding) / Bess or Betsy (a little different) / Angel if you are very fond of this car / Bertha if it has a big back seat

Heather said...

Yay swing dancing!!! you better save a dance for me!

I think you should name the car Sparklette since its like silver so like sparkly/shiny. Dude yeah!