Tuesday, August 17, 2004

last day at eMi

hmm, today was my last day at eMi. It feels very strange making such a big change. I still haven't said most of my goodbyes because I'm going to hang out with the interns tonight and tomorrow they'll all see me off at the Omelette Parlor (it's half price on omelettes before 7 am).

We all went to play shuffleboard today at lunch and Will beat me 83-71. It was an awesome game though, a nail-biter. Then Will bought me a double gulp from 7-11. It is a very LARGE drink (1.9 liters). He thought it would look funny with little me drinking such a big drink (it's about 2 times the size of my head). I didn't even finish half of it.

I also got to take a nice walk with Danna for our last mentoring time and she prayed for me. I'm gonna miss her a lot. She's been an awesome mentor. Don't have much time to write. Jon's waiting for me so we can leave the office for the last time. I probably won't post for a little while, but I gotta remember to get profiles of the other interns up.

Thanks eMi, it's been fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, I'm working on your CD, I hope it sounds Okay. It's tough to mix the song as background music with my voice. I don't know if I'm holding the mic to close and it sounds too loud, I'll work on it. I can't wait to see my blog profile. Keep up the good work. Hey that means I'm next! Matthew