Monday, August 23, 2004

Dave "that movie was life changing" (that's a quote not a nickname)

Here we go Dave. Sorry it took so long, it seems settling in takes a little time. I'm still not very settled in seeing as I have to move again tomorrow. Anyway, I really want to continue writing about the rest of the interns, and it's Dave's turn. Dave left Colorado Springs the same day as I did so he's the next in line.

Dave's from Virginia. You wouldn't think that's a very important fact about him, but it IS important. So important in fact that he doesn't let you forget it. Dave is very proud of the state of Virginia and finds some way to say that it is better than anywhere else he has been. That's also amazing because he's been all over the world. His parents are both in the military so Dave has traveled a lot. Dave has a southern accent that he wants to get rid of because he thinks that there is a stereotype that people with southern accents are dumb. He's not so dumb though.

Dave just graduated from the University of Virginia (another place he's very proud of) in structural engineering. He is one of the 3 interns who have graduated. He will be joining the naval civil engineer corps in the spring. It was really cool having another structural engineering intern in the office. I could go bug him at his desk and talk to him about concrete and loading and fun things like that. It's kinda sad because I didn't get to spend that much time with Dave. He didn't come out with us too often. I wish I had gotten to know him better.

The thing that I liked most about Dave was that he is a really honest person. He isn't afraid to say no to someone, share how he feels about something, or tell it like it is even though it's not always something that people want to hear. I admire his straightforwardness. Dave became a Christian not too long ago. His family is traditionally Catholic and most of his best friends aren't Christian. He has had to struggle with not having much Christian community among the people closest to him. He is still struggling trying to figure out how to be a good witness to them. Dave is also trying to figure out what kind of church he wants to belong to (like me). He really wants to be able to reconcile his faith with the Catholic tradition he has grown up with, and wants to be a witness there as well. He knows he has a lot more to learn, and is very eager to learn things. He has a loves to study the bible in-depth, to think very deeply and critically about it. I also love that about him, that desire for wisdom and answers to deep questions.

Dave also loves extreme things. He has done marathons, other crazy races, and is very disciplined in his exercising. He wants to get to the top of each of the Seven Summits, the tallest peaks on the 7 continents. He's crazy but I believe he'll do it. Go Davey!

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