Saturday, August 28, 2004

keeping in touch

Today was kinda cool. I vowed to take a day off from driving because in just 4 days, I have gotten completely sick of LA traffic. So most of today was spent indoors and on the phone :). It was a nice keeping in touch day. I got to talk to Brian for a while, and then Brian's mom. Then I called Adam and Ivan. It was really good to talk to them and kinda weird at the same time because it's wei I finished my blog entry about Matthew. I think that was good, it helped me remember good times from the summer. Ho-Jun also called me to tell me he started taking Lindy lessons. Haha, look what I started :). I got to talk to Trudy (who is now engaged by the way), Brad (who's army unit is activated and will be going to Iraq in October), and Joel (who will hopefully be a CPA in 3 years). It's so crazy. So much keeping in touch today. It's good to see that there are so many people that I have known and cared about, and still care about. Praise God for them! But maybe tomorrow I'll make a vow to take a day off from using the phone :).

I also played some internet spades with Sharon. She finally said I was good enough to play rated games with her, so yeah, and we won our first three rated games, yay!

Tonight, Sharon's aunt, uncle, and cousin came over for dinner and we had Kal bi and lots of amazing korean side dishes. Man, I love korean food. I gotta start being more disciplined about the running though if I'm gonna keep eating so well :).

Overall, today was a good day, it reminded me of God's provision, His infinite love for me, and how He'll always give me exactly what I need. In the midst of things being really unsettled, I can know that everything will turn out great :). Thank you Jesus!


jon said...

Michelle's post makes me happy

joel said...

i made your blog. woot woot. i feel special.

also, we should have a 5-year reunion.