Tuesday, August 03, 2004


We took a break last night from going out, and it was nice. Yesterday was a little stressful at work, and maybe because of the stress, I started feeling kinda sad or something. I was writing my update email yesterday and I remember writing about God showing me that there's always a place and a purpose for me. But yesterday as I was writing it, I didn't really feel like it was true. I was realizing as I was talking to Joshdan on the phone that it happens to me quite often. I see something that God is doing in my life and I want to tell people about it. As soon as I have opportunity to tell people about it, something happens to make me doubt that it's true in the first place. It was cool realizing that yesterday because now I feel like it's God asking me, "Are you sure that you trust me, are you sure that you saw me provide for you?" So last night instead of going out, I got to read some and talk to people on the phone. I talked to Joshdan, Brian's parents, and my parents. It's cool to be able to keep in touch with people.

I've been reading a book called "The Healing Path" as part of my mentoring time. Me and Danna read a couple chapters a week and talk about it during our mentoring time. It's been really good to read because it helps me to reflect on the healing work God is doing in me this summer. The chapter I was reading last night was about hope. I thought it was very appropriate. The author defines hope as the memory of the future. I've never really heard it described that way before. It's like looking to your future through remembering the goodness of God from the past. There are cool quotes I want to write in and I'll do that when I remember to bring the book to work with me :). I am thinking I want to go to the World Prayer Center tonight to pray and listen to God. It would be really awesome to go with all the interns.

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