Monday, August 09, 2004

cowboy weekend

This last weekend was lots of fun. It was kinda sad though because Ho-Jun and Jenni left, then Will went to the Carolinas for a wedding and to talk to his girlfriend's dad about marrying her (go Will!), Dave went to California to visit a friend, and Lisa's family was in town so she was hanging out with them. Only Matthew, Adam, and I were left.

Peter, Adam's roomie just got a new job scheduling worship at the world prayer center. It's quite a change from his engineering job. He starts on wednesday. Because of that, his friends decided to throw him a cowboy themed karaoke party. Peter really wants to be a cowboy, but he thinks that the only way he could be one is to marry into a ranching family or something. Who knows? :) Anyway, so on saturday (after I saw Jenni off at 5 in the morning) we went shopping for costumes to wear to the party. It was a lot of fun! I ended up getting a good deal on pants at Target, but that's a different story. It was kinda stressful to try to figure out what would make me look like a cowgirl. I don't know that there are many asian cowgirls out there. We realized it's all about accesories, and it was mostly the hat. I ended up just buying a hat at WalMart (boo), and I found a cool shirt (actually Matthew found it for me) at the Western Warehouse (it wasn't really a cowgirl shirt, but it was nice, cheap, and I'd wear it again). Then we went back to Peter's and dressed up. Matthew made Adam this aluminum foil belt buckle that said "1975 Rodeo Champ" on it. It was huge. I have a picture of Adam with his belt buckle, but it's blurry.

(By the way, Brian just gave me webspace to post pictures now so I don't have to deal with stupid that only lets me post 10 pictures a day. If you want to look at that gallery, it s at although most of the pictures will be linked to on the blog (but not all))

Anyway, after dressing up, we decided to go to a Japanese restaurant. Peter says it's the best Japanese restaurant in Colorado Springs. It was pretty good. It was the first time in a long time that I've had japanese food. Hooray for sushi! Peter paid for the meal . . . did I mention that Peter is awesome? We then headed for the party. It's kinda sad because Jenni left and she would take tons of pictures with her digital camera, and Matthew got sand in his at the sand dunes, so all the picture-taking was left to me. I didn't do such a great job, but at least we have some. Here are Matthew, Adam, and I at the party. I didn't sing much country (I don't know too much country), but Adam and I decided to dance to every song. It was so much fun. I got to polka, waltz, Lindy, and just do whatever. Here's a picture of Matthew and Adam being weird (I love that picture, It sort of captures how strange Adam can be at times). Here's a picture of me and Matthew. Jeni (a different one), she's Lisa's roomie for the summer, she has a karaoke business, so she DJ'd for the event. She's awesome. She also DJ'd for our other karaoke party last week.

Let's see, what else? Oh, so after the party, we decided to watch the movie, "The Man from Snowy River". It was a cowboy movie. It was interesting, not bad for a movie that was made in 1982, although the special effects were a little iffy.

On sunday, I went to New Life church with Adam. The service was pretty interesting because they were between studying two books of the bible, instead of a sermon, the pastor went over questions that people in the congregation have asked him and tried to answer them. There were questions about the nation of Israel, the rapture, women teaching, speaking in tongues. I mean, so many controversial Christian topics. I was a little overwhelmed after listening to that. I liked some things the pastor had to say, and disagreed with others. It was good because it challenged me to think about those things. I usually don't.

After church, Matthew and I decided to put together the scrapbook pages that Danna had allotted us in her scrapbook. She only gave us 2 pages, can you believe that? So, we put some of our pictures on a CD and took it to Walgreens to get them printed. I love crafts, but I have never done a scrapbook before. It was okay though, because Matthew has scrapbook experience :). We went to Peter's to do the scrapbook so Adam could "help". It was really fun! I have pictures of the finished product, but they're kinda bad because they're a little blurry and the flash leaves bad reflections on the pictures. Here's the first page, and here's the second page.

Then we decided to watch another movie. Matthew and I went to Blockbuster, and after being there for over half an hour, decide to get "The Muppet Movie". I think that was my fault. We went back to Peter's and found out that "The Muppet Movie" is horrible. Peter had the movie, "The Horse Whisperer" (another cowboy movie), so we decided to watch that instead. We must have put in the movie at like 10 pm, not realizing that it's 2 and a half hours long. I really liked the movie, although I'm a little bit tired today. Oh well, I only have another week and a half in the springs, so I gotta make use of the time I have left. Adam's also leaving this friday . . . more goodbyes. Sigh. Anyway, that's the end of my cowboy weekend. I learned that cowboys are pretty cool and I can understand the "Cowboy Take me Away" song by the Dixie Chicks now :). Although, when we went to Cowboys, the night club, no one was very friendly there. So maybe I don't like cowboys as much as I think I do. Hmm, I'm confused, though I really want to go horseback riding now :).

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