Tuesday, July 20, 2004

busy, busy, busy

I still haven't gotten the pictures from mini-golf (ahem, Matthew) so I can't write about it yet :).  I guess I just wanted to write an update on what's going on this week for me because I just about finished my work on the retaining walls. 
It's funny cuz no one in the office really knew about mortar for the walls, and I remembered that my dad has made at least a few stone retaining walls, so I asked him if he knew the proportions of stuff to mix, and he said he does.  Yay for dads!  I've been looking that up for the last 3 days.
Anyway, we interns are keeping ourselves pretty busy.  It was funny because yesterday all the interns were so tired that we were catching ourselves falling asleep at work.  Maybe we should schedule in time for sleep.  Tonight we're going to the dollar theater to watch a movie for 50 cents.  It looks like we're going to see "The Day After Tomorrow".  I seem to be watching a lot of movies this summer.  I hope it's good.  Tomorrow is bowling and thursday we're going to a karaoke coffee shop :) after work.  We were going to go camping on friday and hike 4 14,000 ft. mountains on saturday, take a day off for rest, and go white-water rafting on monday, but it looks like the plans have changed.  Instead, we're going rafting on saturday, camp on saturday night, and hike the 14-ers on sunday.  Sounds exciting.  I hope I don't die.  Hmm, maybe it's not so smart to write that in here knowing that my mom reads my blog :).  Mom, I'll be fine, just pray for me.  Oh, that's another thing, my mom is coming out to visit me!!!  Jon's also going to come visit me about the same time.  I'm excited to see them again, and to let them see all the cool stuff that's going on over here.  My plans for leaving the Springs are still really up in the air.  There seem to be so many options, and I'm bad at making decisions, especially when there are so many options.  Well, we'll see I guess.  
I feel like there's so much stuff to write.  Jenni has taken a liking to the idea of taking pictures and putting them up on my blog, so she's been taking a lot of "blog pictures" detailing our daily lives.  Now, I just need the time to write about them.  Well, stay tuned I guess . . .

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jon said...

Hi michie!

I finally broke down and got a blogger account so I could comment on your blog. Your post on God singing was really really beautiful. You got all sorts of good business going on, but I'm glad you still have some time to just sit and listen to Him. Hope you keep doing well, and know you have lots and lots of prayer coming from this side of the world.