Monday, July 19, 2004

God sings to me :)

Yesterday I decided not to go to a church service and just spend some time in prayer.  It was a really good time with God.  I realize that I need to pray a lot more, and it felt really good to lift up all my friends to Him.  This summer, I feel like I have come to rely on God much more than before, and I feel like I can trust Him with everything in my life, but I haven't been feeling His presence in a very personal way.  I feel like He's making Himself known to me when I get little insights into things that I know I wouldn't get on my own, when I see how things have happened for a reason, and when I've felt peace when I shouldn't have been at peace, but no real emotional moments with Him.  I was remembering a time of solitude I spent at a conference at the beginning of the summer where God really spoke to me.  Then, I was just struck by His love for me, I felt like He just kept saying "I love you, Michelle, you're beautiful".  Words from great love songs came to me and I felt so good.  I wondered why this hasn't been the case since then.  Since last year, I've been realizing that God sometimes gives me songs and song lyrics that seem to fit situations.  There have been times of prayer where I've been listening to God to give me wisdom about praying for another person, and a song would come into my head.  I'd share that song, and it would be really applicable to what's going on for them.  I guess I hadn't ever really thought about it as God singing to me, but yesterday, I felt Him say that He is singing to me.  I love music, it always seems to hit me hard, and I often feel myself longing for someone to sing to me.  God does! :)
I also started taking spanish classes at the church yesterday.  I feel like I will someday go back to central america, and I just feel this pull on my heart to learn spanish, so I'm gonna try.

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