Friday, July 23, 2004

the office

We are having an open house at the office next wednesday because eMi just moved here this last spring and they want people to come and see the new office.  Today everyone's working on housekeeping (painting, hanging flags, cleaning) to make it look a lot prettier than it does now.  I think this is a good opportunity to show some pictures of the office.  I realize now that I don't have very good pictures of the office, so you're just going to have to deal with that.  The office is really nice looking.  I was really surprised by that when I got here.  I have to say that it's the nicest office that I've ever worked in.  Here's a picture of the interns (except for Dave and Lisa because they weren't here yet) during our "boot camp".  We're standing on the second floor hallway.  I think the picture was taken from the landing on the stairway below.  The office has a glass ceiling (at least I think it's glass) so we can see the sky all the time.  It's kinda cool because my desk is in the open space under the ceiling and the sun shines on me.  It's not so great for being able to see my computer screen though.  Here's a not so great picture of the ceiling.  Right now they're putting these 3 ft. x 5 ft. flags up of all the countries eMi has been to so it will look very different when they're done with that.  Now are you ready to see my desk?  Here's me at my desk on a typical day of work ;).  Look how messy it is, reminds me of my desk at school: always covered in papers.  It's actually a lot more neat now.  This is Jenni at her desk.  She's a lot more neat than me :-/.  Anyway, those are all the pictures I have of the office for now.  Maybe I'll get more soon. 

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