Friday, July 23, 2004

honduras pictures

Alright, I know I forgot all about the Honduras pictures.  I don't think I can write that much about each of them because again, no time, but here are some cool pictures from Honduras:

the hills outside Tegucigalpa
Diesel exhaust that was constantly coming out of our van (the city reeked of diesel exhaust)
my broken nalgene bottle (Boo Adam!)
Valley of the Angels (it was really beautiful there)
street markets (look at those avocados)
more of the street market
me with a group of the students at the school for the deaf (they are so cool)
me with my pinata and birthday cake (that cake was amazing! and so was my team for getting it for me)

I have more, but my picture site won't let me post anymore pictures for today :-/.  Who knew posting pictures would be so difficult.  You'll just have to wait :).

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