Thursday, July 29, 2004

fun times

Things have been so busy lately.  I keep feeling like one of these days I need to get some sleep.  Yesterday was open house for eMi, and a lot of people came.  It was really fun getting to meet and talk to people, but getting ready for it was pretty tiring and by the end of the night, everyone seemed really tired.  I struggled a lot with criticalness when we were preparing.  It seemed to me that everyone was either too uptight and stressed, or too easygoing that it was disrupting things getting done.  I tend to get stressed very easily when other people get stressed.  Praise God that He gives me everything I need to get through.  I am realizing more and more how incapable I am of anything good, and am constantly convicted of my pride and judgemental attitude.  God gave me really awesome interactions with people at the open house though and they were such a blessing. 

After the open house, we wanted to do something because Ivan's leaving this saturday.  He was supposed to decide what we were gonna do, but I think it was too much pressure for him.  We ended up going to the Broadmoor.  It's this 5-star hotel with a cool tavern that has live music.  It was beautiful!  The bathrooms had real towels, not disposable ones, and they reminded me of the Neiman Marcus bathrooms at Ala Moana (I'd walk in the store just to go to the bathroom).  The tavern was a great place too.  The band was amazing.  They played lots of popular songs and we danced and danced and danced (swing, waltz, polka, cha-cha).  It kind of reminded me of the MOB but with live music and set in a restaurant.  It was a lot of fun.  One of the band members came up to our table afterward and complimented us on our dancing :).  We got to walk around the hotel after we went to the tavern.  Man, it's such a pretty place.  It costs like $400 a night to stay there I hear.  We got home after 12.  I still had to do my reading for mentoring today.  I was really tired this morning but I'm feeling a lot better now. 

It's beautiful outside today and Adam got the Caedmon's Call "Chronicles" CD, which I'm listening to now.  It's such a great CD.  Listening to it is making me happy.  I'm sitting at my desk and dancing as I do my work on Autocad.  I want to buy it.  Maybe I will if it gets cheaper on 

Tonight we're supposed to go to the karaoke coffee shop (it's called Jimbo's Bikes and Coffee I think).  We were supposed to last week thursday too, but it seemed like we were too lazy and ended up hanging out at Ivan's uncle's house instead.  I think it will be a lot of fun.  All the things that we do tend to be a lot of fun :).  Praise God for this summer, and for the interns. 

We're all getting sad that Ivan's leaving.  Things won't be the same with him gone.  We said that we were gonna try not to talk about it until he actually goes, but it keeps coming up.  Ivan's a great guy.  We're gonna miss him a lot.

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