Monday, July 19, 2004

fun weekend

This weekend was really fun.  On friday night we did one of those murder mystery party games.  It was a little sketchy, strange love triangles, and people killing each other and stuff.  There were also WAY too many puns :).   We were supposed to go horseback riding on saturday morning but it's been storming a lot here so the people that were going to take us said it would be too dangerous to go.  The weather's been pretty crazy.  I've never seen lightning so clear before.  It's scary.
Anyway, since we all got up way too early we decided to go to breakfast instead.  So we went to IHOP.  It was really funny because they had this paradise special there, so it was decorated with all these "tropical" things.  They were teasing me about it because I'm from Hawaii, and we took a picture on "the beach".  Then we all split up.  The girls (all 3 of us) went back to our place and did the advanced Tae Bo video.  That was hilarious.  I think we're all still sore.  Sorry, no pictures of that :).
Then we decided to do a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, since it was on our list.  It was really intense.  There were 7 of us working on it and we got it done in a few hours.  Colie, I'm not a dork, you know that you want to work on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle too but you don't have enough time for it because you're studying all the time :).  Here's a picture of the puzzle in progress.  This is us with the finished puzzle.  The picture was supposed to be a lot cooler, but the ceiling fan kept Jenni from being able to take the picture from the top.  I can't believe we did the puzzle so fast.  That is amazing.
Jon called me on saturday from the airport about to leave for India.  They are going to do some pretty crazy things.  For more information on their mission trip, go to Brooke's website at  He has links to a website from another person on his team too, so it's pretty informative.  Pray for them!  I'm really excited about what God's gonna do through them.

Okay, so after the puzzle thing, we decided to go to Cowboys, a country-western bar.   They have country line dancing there.  It was pretty interesting.  The dances were really hard and no one wanted to teach us, so it got a little frustrating.  I think we still had a good time though.  Had my fill of country music for the night.  I'm starting to listen to more country now thanks to Matthew.  Greg, you'd be proud of me.
Okay, the rest of the weekend will have to wait because I have to get to work.  Still got all of sunday to go :).

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